Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Contributing to national development, serving the cause of social justice, ensuring equity, increasing access to higher education, catering to the needs of students of different backgrounds and abilities and creating an egalitarian society.

Our Mission

Providing high quality higher education to the students of backward districts of Tamilnadu at an affordable cost and capacity building of students to cater to the needs of the economy, society and the county as a whole.


  • Provision of value based education to promote the sense of social responsibility among the students.
  • Nurturing and fostering academic excellence.
  • Creating an environment to facilitate physical strength, mental softness, emotional balance, spiritual maturity      and social commitment among the students.
  • Enabling the students to make use of the latest developments in technology to expand their knowledge and
          enhance their skills.
  • Promoting a healthy relationship among the staff, students and the people in the neighbourhood.
  • serving the society at large especially in the neighbourhood through academic and non-academic programmes.
  • Bringing out a harmonious balance among teaching, learning, research and outreach programmes.