Department of Business Administration

The current global scenario, the course must exhibit both competence and character. Competence to achieve the objectives of the organisation character to make social and ethical choices. The course is sustained in developing these qualities in its students, through the specially designed courses .The three years full time bachelor of business administration, future managers Programme is designed to train and groom the future managers. The Programme are designed drastic information in the aspiration and needs of the present day students .This remarkable difference is visible in their awareness regarding the career related decisions,awarness of rapid changes taking places in global economy and their high level of expectation from the academic institutions. Empowered by information and technology, students today are more optimistic to become the part of technical work force in the fast developing economy of India and world. Hence, the institution of higher education have an increased and dual responsibility to meet not only the expectation of the students but also of business/trade/industry and non-profit sector. Who expect their future employees to be well equipped with multidisciplinary and cross-cultural competencies, analytical and leadership skills with strong understanding of governance and ethical issues. The course to meet the expectation to the students as well as stakeholders and enable students to be professionally competitive and globally viable. The course of syllabus is to reflect the current academic and business environment. The Programme typically allow students to specialize include human resource management. marketing management, financial management ,international marketing, rural marketing,reatail management and business law. The business administration can offer practical training that can prepare students to successfully work with in a large or small organisation

About The Department

The department of business administration was started in the year 1998 was with 48 students with the aim of giving high quality education to cater the needs of rural students to take up responsible and build management skills. This leads to executives, managers, administrators and entrepreneurs. The department offers a regular and three year bachelor degree in business administration The department has track record rank holders of graduating students. In many of the students are placed in corporate houses in Tamil Nadu and India. The department has reputation for innovative Programme design, up-to-date curriculum, quality courseware, personalized instruction and strong industry interface. In a short span of time, the department of business administration has grown impressively and achieved wide spread recognition from industry and academic circles. The student’s views and outlooks on leadership, entrepreneurships and ethics. To include the students the most essential theoretical and practical skills this would help overall development. The department meets the fundamental understanding in the core concept of business management to the students. In order to accomplish the objectives of the institution. The department focus on developing on entrepreneurial society with professional orientation and global outlook deep rooted in social sensitivity. This fundamental condition helps in achieving for more professional and ethical business individuals and also responsible citizens of the states. The pedagogy methods of teaching and learners relationships is unique where knowledge is transformed into innovative ideas The department are conducted various activities such as corporate presentation, business quiz, news hour, group discussion, mock interview, management games, soft skill development etc.The dedicated and experienced faculty share their knowledge to students for their future career development

Business Administration