Department of Computer Application

Computers and computing are an integral part of our lives today. Computing is revolutionizing the process of research, development, and discovery in all fields of engineering and science. The societal impact of computing continues to increase as computers become more broadly accessible. Meanwhile, the foundations of computing also continue to change at a dizzying pace.

New technologies, such as manycore processors, mobile computing, and cloud computing are reshaping the landscape of computing, and new challenges are emerging as computer science becomes increasingly multidisciplinary. Leading-edge skills in Computer Science are in demand by employers across a wide range of industries.

About the Department

Bachelor of computer applications (BCA) gives a number of opportunities to individuals to go ahead and shine in their lives. A few of them being like software programmer, system and network administrator, web designer.

Focuses on preparing student for roles pertaining to computer applications and IT industry. Start from the basics and in every semester learns each and everything about computers. Develop programming skills, networking skills, learn applications, packages, programming languages and modern techniques of IT. Get skill and info not only about computer and information technology but also in common, organization and management. Learn programming language such as Java, c++, HTML, SQL, etc… Information about various computer applications and latest development in IT and communication system is also provided. Gives overview of the topics in IT like networking, computer graphics, web development, trouble shooting, and hardware and software skills.

Computer Application