Department of Zoology

Zoology is a branch of biology that focuses on animals, their origin, development, distribution and life. There are many sub-fields in Zoology. Some Zoologists study very small organisms, such as mold, viruses, and even cells and organelles. Other Zoologists study very large organisms, such as whales, elephants and even whole populations of animals. Zoologists observe the animals and conduct experiments on animals, either in the wild or in a controlled setting (such as a zoo or a laboratory).

Zoology is important for many reasons. For instance, the study of animals and communities provide insight into how "life" works, and, consequently, how we work. The higher mammals provide insight into the human world. Many Zoologists are directly involved with the conservation of threatened or endangered species; the maintenance of biodiversity is considered as crucial for our survival. Animals also have a great impact on our lives. They provide us food, companionship, and a sense of wonder (and sometimes annoyance!). These are the few reasons why we understand animal life which is important to human beings.

Zoology, aims to understand the behavior, structure and evolution of animals. Zoologists use a wide range of approaches to do this, from genes to molecular and cellular biology, as well as physiological processes and anatomy, whole animals, populations, and their ecology. It helps to study the fundamental concepts in the biological sciences in the first year before going on to study more specialized papers of zoology in your second and final years.

About the Department

The department of Zoology in this college was started in the year 1947 by the great Philanthropist, Dr.RM.Alagappa Chettiar under the inevitable technical expertise offered by Prof.EkambaranathaIyer, who was the scientist and first Professor in this department. He had contributed his great works for the upliftment of this department. His initiation and inspiration in this department has given a great name in tradition both nationwide and international regime, since he contributed his discoveries in the field of zoology. This department has crossed, with the same spirit of inspiration for several milestones and produced many stalwarts in all way of walks of life.

During the last 70 years, the department has made its identity in the frontier areas of Life Sciences and now it has developed into a full- fledged centre of teaching and research in modern biology. This department is well furnished with the laboratory, class rooms and renowned museum and research facilities. The museum in the department is well furnished and innovated. The rare collection of specimens and skeleton are equipped in this museum. The museum is well known and is commendable among the colleges of Tamilnadu. The Department of Zoology offers up-to-date and pertinent post-graduation programme (M.Sc., M. Phil and Ph.D.) in Zoology with emphasis on fundamentals as well as emerging areas of modern biology. It has been uplifted as a research centre and the candidates are undergoing research works in this department.